Phu Quang Songbook 14

With his fourteenth release, Co Mot Vai Dieu Anh Muon Noi Voi Em, Phu Quang proves once again to be a lyrical songwriter, capable of penning heartfelt ballads and applying Vietnamese words to European classical tunes in such an effortless grace. “Romance No. 2” would sound like a Vietnamese song if the listeners aren’t familiar with Beethoven’s tunes. He knows how to make the words flow with the classical melody and he knows how to add some pop flavor into the old song by featuring Hang Nga whose vocals is both sweet and sentimental. Quang Ly and My Hanh are among the contributors on the album. My Hanh’s rendition of “Giot Mua Buon” has a reminiscent of Thanh Lam minus the screaming dramas. What make Phu Quang’s music irresistible are the simple, emotional messages that bring you not just closer to him but to yourself.