Eating Around Eden

Eden is without a doubt a fantastic place for Vietnamese food, but you have to find the right dish at the right place. So here are some of my recommendations for Eden.

If you want some savory Bun Mam, Hai Duong is the place you want to be. My man HML introduced Bun Mam there and the quality has not failed me yet. Not sure how many bowls I had already, but it has been consistently good. Beside Bun Mam, Hai Duong’s Canh Chua Ca Kho To and Hu Tieu are great.

If you’re in the mood for Bun Bo Hue, Thanh Truc is where you want to try. I have tried his bowl at many places, but nothing has come close to Thanh Truc. The broth is fantastic. The beef is just right. The spiciness is at the right level for folks you can’t eat hot food.

If you would like some Chao Goi Vit, Thanh Tong is the perfect spot. If you like to drink, you might to eat less chao and just enjoy the delicious goi vit with a bottle of Michelob.

I obviously haven’t been to every place in Eden, but I would definitely avoid the ones that get so much praising from American media like Huong Viet and Viet Royal. These two are adjacent to one another and I would never again order Bo Bay Mon from them. How could you fuck up one of the easiest Vietnamese dishes? For Chris sake, some of the courses, they don’t even have to cook.