The Sign

Joseph forwarded to me The Sign, a Vietnamese-American dating game show. One girl gets to select one of the three guys she interviewed. Nothing new really, but one of the questions sort of interested me: “Between your wife and your mom, who would you choose?” That’s the type of question that meant to fuck you up no matter what your answer is. Making you choose one over the other is like asking you to either chop off your right or left arm. But if she has the audacity to ask you to choose between her and your mom, you know she ain’t worth shit. That simply means she doesn’t love you enough to respect your mother. When you love someone, you love everything about that person. You have to love him from the crust to the crumb, and not just the crunchy, tasty part. If she shows that much love to you, there’s no reason for her to not get along with your mother. So the next time a girl asks you to choose between her and your mom, you don’t have to response. Just give her the middle finger and raise it up. Don’t be like that fool on the show. He picked her instead of his mom and what happened? He was a liar.