Jazz Music for the Wedding

Although most of our guests are Vietnamese, I decided to go with jazz to vibe up the reception. Besides, we already have a live band to cover Vietnamese ballads. In choosing jazz tunes, I have to keep the audience in mind. I do understand that not everyone has a taste for jazz; therefore, I have to select tracks that are easy to listen, but not over the top. John Coltrane’s hardcore style is definitely out, but his ballad-playing, like “I Love You” and “Come Rain or Come Shine,” is irresistible. Or course, Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue and Brubeck’s Time Out are perfect for both jazz and non-jazz fans.

Initially I was going to pull together one MP3 CD with both instrumentals and vocals, but I am having a hard time cutting down the selection. Even now that I decided to cut two CDs (one for vocals and one for instrumentals), I am still having hard time cutting back to fit the instrumentals on one CD. I know what not every song will be played at the short reception, but I still don’t want to leave some of the tracks off. I have to use my simple approach for design and apply toward jazz. As much as I want every song to be played at the reception, I will let the player do the random selection.