Beautiful Morning, Ugly Commute

I woke up half an hour early to commute with the sisters to work. The morning was perfect. The weather was nice. We sat hand-in-hand on the bus. I switched to Metro and jammed my jazz-vocal collection for the wedding. Arrived at Foggy Bottom at 7:40 and take a strolled around the block to enjoy the morning sun. Walked up to the office while the building was still quiet. Booted up my laptop and fucked. I forgot my power cord. I wouldn’t be able to do work without power. Ran to the bookstore to see if they sell the little adaptor that would connect with the wire, but they wouldn’t sell it separately. The only thing left to do was to take the damn Metro and the bus home to get the freaking power cord. I wasted another two hours commuting back and forth. As I got back to work, the boss told me I could have spent 75 bucks on another power cord. Damn!