It’s Friday

As I was eating lunch, I couldn’t help but thinking and thanking my ladylove who packed my lunchbox with organic veggies, pineapple, tangerine, lean chicken and her very own savory, fat-free dressing. Let’s not forget a banana and a yogurt for snack. Don’t you love a woman who feeds you good?

After the fantastic lunch, I headed over to the music department for some jazz’s jam session. They covered the blues today. A cool-dressing, hip-looking, African-American singer and professor came up and rocked the mic. She covered a fast-tempo bebop blues and her technical skill was exceptional. Her voice was not outstanding (could be the cheap amplify), but her scat and interaction with the group made up for it. Highlight of the session was “West Coast Blues.” The students brought down the house.

It is now three thirty and the office is dead quiet. Let me shut the door and crank up some of that Jay-Z shit.