Cindy Thai Tai – Hay Ve Voi Em

The ladyboy had a spark when she first started, but now she’s just garbage. Cindy Thai Tai’s second release, Hoi Ve Voi Em, replaces the bittersweet pop-jazz flavor with tasteless remixes.

Can’t blame her though. Songbird Cindy is no longer a lonesome soul. She is now a “Woman In Love” and she’ll do anything to get you into her world. From “Bay Ngay Doi Mong” to “Hay Ve Voi Em” to “Nu Hon Ngot Ngao” to “Gap Nhau Lam Ngo,” the ladyboy is now in love. She even declares love on “I Feel Love,” a track has nothing but an up-tempo beat with the title repeats throughout.

It’s too bad because her vocals showed tremendous improvement—wider range and fluid flow—yet she flushes herself down the toilet trying to please the club heads.

Bonjour Vietnam