Damn Spring Rolls

I stuffed myself with spring rolls again. Four rolls were all that I intended to have, no more no less. The fresh greens, hot peppers, shrimps, pork and savory dip (apple sauce, hoisin sauce and mixed fish sauce) were so damn irresistible, maybe just one more roll. But then again, I only get to eat and hang out with mom once in a while so one more just to keep her companied. Then a quarter of a red-hot chilly pepper is still waiting to be bitten so one more won’t hurt. Still there was some dip sauce left. Can’t waste that one away because mom had made it. So make the last roll to clean up the sauce. Before I could put my bowl into the sink, mom yelled, “Only a few shrimps, meat, greens and sauce left, finish them up.” The final roll was so big that I had to double wrap it. Now I am sitting here regretting and disgusting as if I have just put a big rock inside my body.