Good Morning

Although the weather is cold and the ice is still covering the concrete, I went out jogging. To be more accurate, I was out to listen to Ornette Coleman’s Sound Grammar the winner of Pulitzer Prize for music. That way I don’t have to feel guilty lounging in my bed. It turned out that I wasn’t the only fool out in the park early in the cold-ass morning. There were a couple hand-in-hand strolling as well as a man walking his dog. Whenever I see someone walks his dog with a bag on his hand, I can’t help but wonder what if the dog has diarrhea. How would he pick that shit up? As much as I like dogs, just thinking about that makes me not wanting to have them.

I didn’t quite understand why people love dogs so much I until I lived with them. Back when I first started working for Vassar, one of my roommates was a basketball coach assistant and he had two dogs. Even though he always kept them in his room, the dogs knew when I was coming home. They would bark until I opened the door. When I let them out they would run straight into the kitchen for there favorite meals: leftover Chinese takeouts. I always had to left half of a portion for them or I had to buy some for them. My roommate usually came home really late and when there was a game, he would ask to take them out for a walk. I didn’t know what I was suppose to do, so I took them straight into the bush so that they could do whatever they had to do while I was praying no one would walk by.

I remember the first few days they barked at me, but once we’re cool, they just jumped on the couch next to me and fell asleep while I watched TV. Thinking of them once in a while makes me want to have dog, but thinking of curbing after them and all the work to devote to, I still am not ready.