Lam Thuy Van – Dau Yeu Ngay Nao

I used to have a thang for Lam Thuy Van: the big sexy babe with the big sultry voice. Although she covers mostly slow, bittersweet pop tunes and rarely departs from her comfort zone, she knows how to capture the listener’s heart with her high pitch, gorgeous tone, and most importantly, ability to bare all. I am referring to soul not skin. Thank you!

Her latest Dau Yeu Ngay Nao once again contemplates on love, life and tons of heartaches. “Anh da di roi, em van con day / Co don trong can gac doa day,” Lam Thuy Van starts off “Diep Khuc Buon” in deep sorrow. She wastes no time getting to the poignant core with her soulful crooning. By the time she reaches the bridge, you’re already in despair with her. On “Lien Khuc Tinh Phu,” her voice is mournful, melting the lyrics around the melody while the subtle orchestration provides a melancholy backdrop. The medley sound like an ode to Ngoc Lan who was both of our heroine.

By now the natural combination between Don Ho and Lam Thuy Van shouldn’t even be a question. Their voice is a perfect complement to each other. The mesmerizing moment on “Mal De Toi” is when Lam Thuy Van flights on a swelling crescendo against Don Ho’s warm, low tone like a switching effect from the lowest keys on left to the highest keys on right of the keyboard. Their duet on “Toi Khong Con Yeu Em” and “Ngay Tinh Yeu Den” are both exceptional.

Although Lam Thuy Van doesn’t step up her style, she does refine her technical skill. From breath control to melodic phrasing to lyrical interpretation, she sings like she means it even without the confirmation on the outro.