Lam Chan Huy – Toi Khoc Cho Em Ai Khoc Cho Toi

Forget Trinh Cong Son. His lyricism is still over people’s head. The more you listen to his songs, the more confuse you get. Nowadays you don’t even have to listen to a song to know what it is about. The title alone tells it all. You don’t need a GED to figure out “Toi Khoc Cho Em Ai Khoc Cho Toi.” Can you get any more straightforward than “Em Gian Doi Sao Mong Toi That Long?” And the best part about these songs is that you don’t have be a trained musician to articulate the lyrics. If a girl broke your heart, you can them. If a girl used you, took your money and left your ass, you can sing them. Lam Chan Huy is obviously an amateur (you can tell by his breath control and karaoke phrasing), yet the tastelessness in the lyrics works despite the cheap, staled and dated productions.