Project Michelle

An inspiring blog from a 25-year-old Michelle who is diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Through her web site she writes about her experience as well as helps people who are seeking for bone marrow donors. Here’s a piece of her mind on Leukemia:

Sometimes it feels like Leukemia is some kind of bug that is going around. I swear during my first week in the hospital it felt like everytime I turned on the tv I would see a new story about a young girl relapsing, a recent college grad in a clinical trial, or a father of 2 looking for a donor. I know my ears are hyper sensitive to the L-word, but I just wonder how come so many young people are being diagnosed with this disease – a disease that is mainly suppose to infect the elderly. It’s strange that before getting sick I didn’t know a single person that had a blood disorder and today I know of 5 people who are connected to me in some way or another (friend of a friend, relative of a friend, colleague of a friend, etc.) that is sick. Is this all a coincidence???? Or is there something in the water?

Her web site provides more information on how you can save Michelle and other patients like her by becoming a marrow/stem cell donor or how you could attend a marrow drive.