First Week Recap

My new job at GW and new life in D.C. area are so far so good. Now that I am getting into the groove of commuting, I kind of am enjoying it. Actually I have to thank my future sister-in-law for making my commuting painless by loaded up $250 onto my SmarTrip. I left it at home yesterday and it was a pain trying to get around without it. I ended up spent five dollars for a $1.35 bus fare because I didn’t have small bills on me. I am loving my future sister-in-law already (nothing wrong with a little kiss-up).

For the first four days, I kept forget to bring my camera out to lunch so I can take some shots of GW campus. Today I remember the camera, but forgot it is raining. So, I’ll try to take some next week. The budget guy came into my office yesterday to check out my MacBook Pro after seeing the bill came in. He said a PC usually costs about $1,200, but my laptop costs almost three grants. Luckily a student/co-worker next door heard it and tried to explain why Mac is way better than PC and how students are now used to Mac that they don’t even want to use the PCs in their classroom. I didn’t have to say a word.

At home, I have a crazy roommate too. In our first conversation I asked him how many brothers he has. He told me two and the oldest one has a big “con cu.” I was like, “you checked him out?” He replied, “Yeah, he’s my brother.” I was like, “That is strangest shit I ever heard.” He went on, “But don’t tell anyone I said that.” I laughed. I won’t tell anyone, just the whole wide world. So if you’re reading this, don’t tell anyone alright.