Commute and Work

The life of commuting has been interesting. For the past three days I kept taking the wrong bus home and ended up walking and jogging a couple miles to get to the house. The evenings have been beautiful and I get a chance not only to burn off some fats, but also relax with Miles’ Ballads and Blues, so I can’t really complain.

As for work, I left a big office at Vassar to share a small-ass room with a part-time writer. The good thing is that she is very easygoing and they are trying to get me my own space. Let’s hope that will happen soon.

Today I got to check out the “soft” launch of the graduate department of the School of Business. The design will serve as a template for me to adapt to other sites. Unlike Vassar, which distinguishes each department’s individuality, GW wants every site to come under one big umbrella. So I will have to rip off the new design to make all the sites have a similar look and feel. The new site, which took a year and a half to complete, is clean and elegant so I don’t mind working off it. I got the license to steal. Isn’t that cool or what?

Today the writer, who shares an office with me, was writing a welcoming paragraph about me in the bi-weekly newsletter and she asked me what brought me to GW. I told her the tuition cost got me here. I am dead serious. After reading Forbes’s “America’s Most Expensive Colleges” (GW is number one and Vassar is number five on the list), I headed over to GW web site and looked up for web design position and to my surprise, they had an opening. What shocked me even more was that I received a call from my new boss four hours later. And four weeks after that, here I am. Isn’t that crazy? On the resume I will arrogantly state that I have worked for two of the most expensive colleges in the world.

Bonjour Vietnam