A New Beginning

The day kicked off with 50 minutes of bus and metro commute. Spent the whole morning trying to stay awake during orientation. New boss took me out to lunch. The 60-degree weather was unbelievably beautiful, and so she gave me a quick tour to show all the eatery spots on campus.

Went back into the building and a spanking new, unopened MacBook Pro and two 20-inch Apple cinema displays waiting for me to use. By the time I got connected and installed a few programs, it was time to go home. Took the metro back but then somehow got confused during the bus rides. Ended up walked a couple miles home.

Feet hurt and stomach hungry, scooped up a big bowl of rice with pork caramel made by my landlord’s wife. I rented a room from a young couple who love food as much as me, but actually can cook. The wife came from Soc Trang; therefore, she can make southern dishes including Bun Mam, Bun Nuoc Leo, and other savory dishes that she’ll make. She guarantees to get me hooked while I am staying. We’ll see about that. Last night they did make some really banging Thai’s hotpot.

Although the transition is so far so good, I wish she were here. Two days without her went by in a glacial pace, and two weeks seem like forever. Damn! I miss her.