Christmas Party and Train Track

College Relations’ Christmas party last night was a blast. Charlie, the department’s funniest man, brought down the house once again with his nuttiness. Cathy, the new addition, added quite a lively vibe to the scene as well. Jeff, the Santa, had done a witty job of handing out the presents. I am glad that my secret gift was well received. I had a great time and will definitely miss it; therefore, I have requested a web cast of next year’s party. I also found out that the senior writer had resigned to move on with her own thing. I wish her all the best and hope will get a chance to read her book in the near future.

As I arrived Martha’s house for the party, I ran into her neighbor who happened to be a security guard at Vassar’s Art Center. I got to know Dom a couple months ago in the parking lot. Every morning, Dom sits in his car strumming his guitar before getting to his job. I said hi to him a couple of times and we had mini conversations in the morning. Dom is such a sweet fellow who appreciates the simplicity of nature like watching the patterns of the falling leaves in autumn. So he invited me into his house to check out the model train track in the basement that took him two years to build. It looked amazing so I pulled out my camera to take a few snaps of it. Unfortunately, I won’t get a chance to get to know more about this new friend.