Wu Tang Clan – 8 Diagrams

The Wu returns; so does the Kung Fu and the dope rhymes. Gone are the raw, straight-from-the-basement beats from 36 Chambers, but the group’s producer RZA has cooked up some flavorful new sounds including the rock-riffing “The Heart Gently Weeps” and the soulful “Stick Me for My Riches.” MCs wise, Method Man’s flow is still gruff and grime; Raekwon’s storytelling is still dark and chil; Ghostface’s delivery is still like the Bunny Energizer, keeps going and going. The only missing element is the eccentricity from the late wild ODB. Despite the controversy around the group, 8 Diagrams is surprisingly good. Funniest line on the joint is from Ghostface: “You like a CD, I burn you and I wreck a few…”