Dan Truong – Thap Nhi My Nhan

Nowadays male pop singers try to outdo each other by the number of chicks they can get on their album. Even Dan Truong got his pimp on. His new duet album featured a line up of twelve female vocalists ranging from the young My Tam to the old Huong Lan.

Like his baby face, his baby voice, unfortunately, only makes the ladies more superior. I can’t tell if Ho Ngoc Ha’s timbre has gotten raspier or it seems that way next to him. She makes him sound like a bitch, but at least she gives him some room to breathe on Lam Phuong’s “Co Ua.” On Le Minh Son’s “Anh Can Em,” Thanh Lam just sucks up everything out of him. Like a drill sergeant, Thanh Lam shows no sympathy toward the spineless, pretty boy. Her powerful delivery suggests: Can’t keep up with me? Fuck you. Pay me.

It turns out Dan Truong is the one got pimped. The ladies crushed him on his own album. How mess up is that? And this is only the duet disc of the album. I don’t even have the temerity to come near the solo disc.