Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Thursday evening was spent at my lady’s family. We had turkey and spring roll (goi cuon) at her mother’s sister place. Had a few hours of sleep at her parents’ house before heading out to Black Friday. She dragged my ass out to Staples at five thirty in the cold morning. Bought a 500GB external hard drive to archive my digital music and an electronic GPS. I have a human GPS too but she keeps falling asleep on me and in order for her to work properly she has to have her pho. We met up with her brother and sister and wasted the whole morning walking around the malls. I didn’t mind though because I was with her. It felt great to be part of her family and it felt greater to see her smile.

After a bowl of bun rieu my lady prepared for lunch at the parents’ place, I took off to my sister’s house. Had some bo kho and bread mom made and went to the bookstore to get some light reading. Spotted a new book titled Other People’s Love Letter: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See. Bill Shapiro, the editor, came up with the concept after he read a love letter while waiting for his date to get dress. I only skim through the book, yet I could feel the embarrassment just thinking about the first love letter I wrote to my lady. In this day and age, I am not sure if people still hand-writing their letters anymore, but here is a good one:

I love that you
sent me an actual

I can feel your
hand on the pen,
pressing firmly
on the paper.

Did you moisten the
envelope with your

That was my Thursday and Friday. Saturday is even going to be more exciting.

Bonjour Vietnam