Happy Thanksgiving

The office of College Relations is almost empty. I am having a hard time concentrating on getting anything done although I am not rushing to get out of work. So I am just kicking back, sipping some tea, and listening to Dave Brubeck’s Time Signatures right out of my speakers. I requested a pair of decent JBL speakers last year but only uses it when my colleagues aren’t around. So I am trying to take advantage of it while people are away for Thanksgiving.

I don’t have any plan for Thanksgiving other than to spend time with the love ones. I am, however, looking forward to a turkey dinner with all that delicious stuffing and savory gravy. Speaking of food making me hungry already. So even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy the days off with your family and try some deep-fried turkey.

Although I don’t have a Thanksgiving theme for Visualgui.com, Kevin has given Vassar a bursting-red design. Check it out!