Paris Sandwich (Revisit)

Banh mi from the new Paris Sandwich (located on Mott street in New York Chinatown) is actually pretty good with its own light, crunchy baguette. When I ordered some to go, they didn’t separate the veggies from the meat the way I have instructed like all Vietnamese places do. The parlor actually runs by the Chinese, not Vietnamese. How mess up is that? They make money off our food, charge much more ($3.50 a pop without a buy-five-get-one-free deal), but don’t do it like the way we do. Even though their banh mi is better than most of Vietnamese places in the US, they are nothing compared to the ones in Viet Nam.

Update: Owner of Paris Sandwich, Jimmy Ly, had clarified that the place is not ran by Chinese even though most of the workers doesn’t speak Vietnamese. He wrote:

I would have to make it clear to you that your assumption about us was entirely wrong. It is not run by the Chinese. I am American born Vietnamese entraupenuer at the age of 24, looking to share our culture in New York. Before I opened I noticed the lack of good quality Vietnamese food In New York compared to states such as California, Texas etc. etc. You should come by when you have a chance to see all the great different types of foods that I’m trying to introduce to the people. Our food is truly Authentic Vietnamese. By Far we have made a big impact in the Vietnamese community and trying to unite us all in time on the Eastern sea board.

I was actually making a joke on the whole deal, but thanks for the clarification. In addition, “separate the veggies” was no longer an issue the second time I visited Paris Sandwich. They actually asked me if I wanted them separate; therefore, Paris Sandwich have been my last stop to pick up some fresh sandwiches everytime I go to the city.