Is T.I. an Idiot?

Tom Breihan:

Still, if the charges do turn out to be true, I am going to be disappointed as fuck. Because how dumb do you have to be? You’re one of the world’s most popular rappers, you just became maybe the first Southern rapper to headline Madison Square Garden, you sell millions of records during a time when nobody buys records, you have bodyguards, you’re a convicted felon on probation, and you know full well that police make it a point to follow rappers around and make arrests on the thinnest shreds of evidence, and you still send some chump to buy your machine guns? How dumb do you have to be? This comes a couple of days after Prodigy, the guy who made my favorite rap album of the year, accepted a three-and-a-half year charge for criminal gun possession and a few months after Lil Wayne, my favorite rapper right now, got arrested in New York on similar charges.

I asked the same question when I read the news.