I Called

The number is buried somewhere in my email’s inbox. I know it is in there somewhere because I have saved it. I was heading out the door but I kept thinking I should call. I went back to my office, fired back my Mac, and searched for the number again. I wrote it down on a little red sticky note, put in inside my wallet, headed home to make the call. Why shouldn’t I make the call? I have nothing to lose. What if it turns out to be good? Who knows what will happen. I got home, picked up the phone, starred at the paper and prepared a speech in my head: What am I going to say? What is the reason for calling? Why just out of the blue? I dialed all the digits except the last one. I was sweating. I was shaking. I hung up, took a deep breath, and then dialed again. One ring, two ring, three ring, four ring, five ring. “Hello.” I quickly replied, “Hi, is this…”