My Cousin Phuong

I can still remember the exact words my cousin Phuong told me: “I stay this way to take care of my mum.” Meaning she’ll stay single to look after my aunt who suffered from a stroke that almost took her life. That was twelve years ago and my cousin was in her forties. Although my aunt has recovered, she is still paralyzed and in need of personal care including washing up, changing diaper, and eating. My cousin, being the oldest daughter in the house, has single-handedly taken care of her mom.

My cousin not only has a huge heart, but also a great personality. Prior to looking after her mom, she ran and managed the family’s grocery store. It was her hard work, honestly and smiles that drove the business. Customers loved her. She was so kind that if you could convince her, she would allow you to buy first and pay later. This character of her drove my aunt crazy because many customers wouldn’t pay her back. She ended up covered the lost out of her own pocket.

As for me, she had played an important role in my career. It was her who loaned my mom $1,200 to buy my first PC. In my sophomore year, I knew I wanted to be a web designer, which required a computer to work on my skills. My mom didn’t work at the time; therefore, her finance was limited. Thankfully my cousin covered it for us and mom would pay her back each month. Yet, I offered to pay up after I landed my first freelance gig.

That’s my sweet cousin. The things she has done for all of us are immeasurable, and she never mentioned any of it. She doesn’t need to seek for any recognition. Deep down our heart, we know how much we appreciate her and how proud we are of her.