Heart Acura’s Excellent Service

My lovely 2003 TL is now reaching 90,000 miles, and yet she still runs as smooth as she was four years ago. I haven’t had any problems with the engine at all, and regular oil change at the dealer is the only maintain give her. I don’t mind taking her to DCH Heart Acura dealer at all because my experience with them has been nothing less than exceptional. They take customer service seriously.

Doesn’t matter how much you spend on the service, you get the same treat as everyone else. In four years of just having my oil change, not once did they missed washing and vacuum my car. After paying for my service, which includes free check-and-fill fluids and recommendations, yesterday late afternoon, I walked out the parking lot and couldn’t find my car. She looked newer than an hour ago. Stepped inside and it was also cleaner than before. With all that extra touches and the regular oil change came out to $32.38. Sure, the price is higher than other auto places, but you don’t get the complimentary services. Not to mention that while you wait, drinks and snacks (bagel and cream cheese in the morning) are also free of charge.

Not have been to another dealer, I assumed that all of these add-ons are the standard in all the dealers until I went to the Toyota dealer for someone’s car, which located down the street. To my surprise, they offer nothing beyond what you paid for even when you dropped $600 on the services. No car wash. No cleaning. No free snacks. Only free coffee. I made someone jealous just by raving about how better Acura service is comparing to Toyota, yet they both owned by DCH.