Pham Anh Khoa Vol.1

Ever since the Buc Tuong disbanded, the hard rock scene in Viet Nam seemed to dismantle as well. Worry no more. Winner of 2006 Sao Mai Diem Hen (Morning Star-Rendezvous) Pham Anh Khoa has teamed up with the multitalented Duc Tri to bring back the noise. Like Buc Tuong, PAK knows how to combine Vietnamese folks with rock. His big, raspy voice and the loud production give “Ly Qua Keu” and “Ngua O Thuong Nho” a bizarre twist. I used to sing these tunes when I was a kid, now I am banging my head to them. This album also represents another creative angle of Duc Tri after his triumphant semi-classical orchestration for Duc Tuan. His rambunctious arrangements push PAK’s powerful vocals to the edge.