Sing With Idol (Dead or Alive)

Asia 55: Hat Voi Than Tuong opened with an impressive performance from Don Ho and Da Nhat Yen. Somehow his raspy vocals and her sleek steps swing together. The show, however, slumped into a big mess with the digital mash-up between the dead idols and their living idolizers (Hung Cuong/Mai Le Huyen and Sy Phu/Quoc Khanh), laughable Michael Jackson’s chorography and Asia’s rotten two-generation pairings. The latest bizarre duo was Mai Le Huyen and Doan Phi. Her act was so ridiculous that she made his silly moves entertaining (gotta love that Condor-Heroes style). As for clones of Che Linh, how many do we have now? I lost count. Of course, not every coupling was awful. Beside Don Ho/Lam Thuy Van and Y Phuong/ Nguyen Khang, the best duet on the show was Lam Nhat Tien and Nguyen Hong Nhung. To elevate “Tinh Yeu & Tinh Nguoi,” no one on Asia could have done it better than the recovered drug addict and the victim of Internet porn. They seemed to share something in common. As always, Asia’s MCs (Viet Dzung and Nam Loc) never failed to take shots at the communist although the show was taped on Ho Chi Minh’s birthday. Even little Doanh Doanh was politicking. She will not return to Viet Nam until there’s freedom. Isn’t China her homeland?