Giang Son Album

This album shows off the variety of Giang Son’s compositional styles ranging from pop jazz, bluesy jazz, semi-classical, pop ballad, contemporary folks, R&B to electronica. With four vocalists (Tung Duong, Khanh Linh, Nguyen Thao and My Le) and a bunch of producers including Phan Cuong, Vo Thien Thanh and Minh Dao, the recordings are slapped together like a goddam sandwich. Moving from one track to the next is like playing your whole music collection in the shuffle mode. The sound is all over the place, even within a song. “Nep Ngay” starts off with soft, seductive, Norah Jones-esque pop jazz, but then transforms into Mariah Carey’s belting out R&B ballad. Even without the closing “I Love Music,” we could tell that Giang Son loves her music…a bit too much actually.

Bonjour Vietnam