Keloid Treatment

Being a keloid former is a bitch. A little cut could turn into a big scar. Surgical remove is not an option because the scar will grow back even bigger. After years of continuous growing, acute itching and sharp agonizing, I decided to seek treatment.

After reading, researching and consulting, the best way to cure keloid is cortisone injections. The dermatologist warned that injection is a bit painful, which translated to: sting like a motherfucker. And I have to do it every month until the scar gets flattened. Dr. Uyttendaele who is very nice and patience injected on my chest and back, but not on my neck. I can’t even imagine how intense that would be.

I am here bitching about my little keloid while the little boy Hoang Son Pham has a huge tumor on his face. What I am going through is nothing compare to what he will have to go through, yet he’s only three. But God bless the child thats got his own. I sincerely wish him all the best.