Homage to Lam Phuong

With “Mot Minh,” Huong Giang closed out Paris By Night 88: Duong Ve Que Huong, Thuy Nga’s third musical tribute to Lam Phuong. The song is a perfect ending piece for a man whose songs, such as “Tinh Bo Vo,” “Phut Cuoi,” and “Duong Ve Viet Nam” (my personal favorite), captured millions of Vietnamese souls, yet whose life is still lonesome after two major wrecked relationships. The first one caused him to hide out in Paris, but the romantic city inspired him to pen his painful experiences like “Say” and “Lam.” While in Paris, he met his second lover who motivated him to write tuneful ballads like “Bai Tango Cho Em” and “Mua Thu Yeu Duong.” He moved back to the States, however, after the relationship ended and then caught a stroke a few years later. Since the incident, which paralyzed him, he could no longer able to pick up the guitar. Even if he cannot compose any new songs, what he has giving us are way more than what we could ask for, particularly listening to his songs again on PBN 88. It’s been a while since I was able to sit through and enjoy the entire Thuy Nga’s double DVDs without falling asleep or having to hit the fast-forward button, especially the live performances.

Bonjour Vietnam