Yes, I still am in my Vegas state of mind, especially when listening to Ray Charles sings, “I sat there with two tens / I thought I’d have some fun / The dealer hit sixteen with a five / Just enough to make twenty one.” Fortunately, I was not the unlucky guy. In fact, I was having fun at the last Pai Gow game, which last until three in the morning.

There were a female dealer who was Chinese and hardly spoke any English, a Korean guy on her right, a hot American grandma (think The 40 Year Old Virgin) from Texas, a crazy Filipino who is a local cab driver, and me. The cab driver always played two hands when he was asked to take over the extra hand. His claim was that he has two wives to support. Then he was telling us his work jokes. One time he picked up three senior women who were in thier 60s from the airport to Golden Nugget. They asked him where is the best place to stay in LV and he told them there’s a place right next to the Nugget. They asked him if that place has senior citizens discount. He told them they are free. They were very excited until he pointed out the Detention Center. One of the ladies hit his head with a magazine. We were too busy laughing and listening to his story that we weren’t pay attention to the game. The dealer didn’t quite understand what we are musing about so she made us played our hands.