Not For Kids

I was planning on taking Samantha and Eric to see Shrek the Third this Memorial weekend, but is this kind of animated film still made for kids? In a review of Shrek from the New Yorker, David Denby writes, “The ‘Shrek’ movies are funny, but the wised-up style of the comedy—the Hollywood put-ons and inside gags—has sour roots, and, after a while, the industry jokiness becomes a little nauseating.”

The last time I was home with the kids, I dropped my book while reading when I heard Samantha sang something. I asked her what she just sang, she repeated, “Let’s talk about egg, baby.” I thought I heard she was singing Salt N Peppa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex.” I asked her where she heard that song from and she said Happy Feet. They substituted the word that is pretty darn close for the kids to sing along. Now that is nauseating.