Weekend Recap

Good to be back on my design chair on a fresh, beautiful Monday morning. Had a very relaxed weekend. Finally got the chance to knock out the very engaging book on John Coltrane, which took me two weeks to read. I couldn’t read it straight through because every time I come across something interesting I stop and write it down in my note. Words I don’t understand, I have to look up the dictionary. Thanks to McDonald’s awesome hazelnut ice coffee (yeah its coffee has been my favorite lately), I was wide-awake to get through the book. Of course, bathroom interruption is inevitable (yep that is what ice coffee do to me). There’s more jazz book I am interested in reading and the Vassar’s Music Library got most of them. Another reason to love Vassar.

Had a good time at my coworker’s graduation party last Saturday. Can’t believe how time fly when she was talking about doing weekend MBA program not too long ago and now she got her master. I drove around several music stores to pick up the Puppini Sisters so she could get a crack out of them while she’s on vacation, and to my surprise none of these stores carried these shiny happy sisters. The store associates don’t even know who they are. While I was in Target, I picked up both Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black and Jay-Z’s incredible Black Album. I simply couldn’t resist the “temporary price cut” tag. My last hope of the Puppini Sisters, which I didn’t think of at first, was at Barnes & Noble, and yes, it did got it.

Got persuaded into playing Badminton again. Something I haven’t play since I was in Viet Nam. So it does bring back the good ol’ days. I am starting to get my groove back. It’s quite a good exercise actually. Anyone know where I could find the shuttlecock that is made out of feather like we had back in Viet Nam? I love those. The one they sell here only made of plastics.

Last but not least, way to go, big bro.