Thuy Duong’s 1960s Songbook

In Dong Thoi Gian (1960s), Ice Ice Lady brings a bit of flavors, including the cha cha-tempo “Hoa Xoan Ben Them Cu” (Tuan Khanh) and lyrical ballad (nhac tru tinh) “Nua Dem Ngoai Pho” (Truc Phuong) to her repertoire. Her truth forte, however, remains with those intimate, slow-burning standards such as Trinh Cong Son’s “Phoi Pha,” Le Uyen Phuong’s “Vung Lay Cua Chung Ta” and Vu Thanh An’s “Tinh Khuc Thu Nhat.” Loving both the orchestrations and her behind-the-beat singings on those numbers.

Word up, Boo!