Thuy Nga’s Clueless Executive

The best part of Quynh Vi’s final performance on Paris By Night Talent Show is not her impressive rendition of Trinh Cong Son’s “Mua Hong,” but watching her and Ky Duyen’s facial expression after Huynh Thi pulled some shit out of his ass. Not only he stuttered the way through, but also tried to fluff his way out by criticizing how “Mua Hong” has such a wide range that she couldn’t cover. Don’t you just love it when people make Trinh’s music sounded like it’s the most sophisticated piece of composition they have ever heard? Yet “Mua Hong” is just one of his straightforward, lyrical ballads. He also pointed out that she has chosen the wrong tune. What would you suggest, Mr. Thuy Nga’s Producer? Some melodrama shit like “Nguoi Ay va Toi, Anh Chon Ai?” so she could start ripping off her garments? Or should she have done what Trinh Lam did with Hoang Thi Tho’s “Mot Lan Cuoi” by turning it into a fucked-up, shouting jazz? That was the worse fusion I had ever heard, like eating pancakes with fish sauce, but you loved it. Come on man, sit your ass back in your executive chair.