My Man Quang Ly

Quang Ly’s Vong Am Song is my latest addiction. I’ve been coming back to the album like I need a fix. Quang Ly is an extraordinary interpreter. Just give him any tune and he’ll find his way into it. The high notes in Pho Duc Phuong’s “Ho Tren Nui” don’t seem to suit a male voice, but Quang Ly proved it could be done. Then his Bac Ninh accent on “Ngau Hung Giao Duyen” is so damn exotic that I almost fall for him like I fell for someone who refered to fireworks as “phao hoa” instead of my typical southern “phao bong.” Too bad, he’s already married. Musically, he’s still my man though. His rendition of Tran Tien’s “Que Nha” is a trip down to memory lane:

A oi… hoa bay len troi, cay chi o lai,
A oi… hoa cai len troi,
Rau ram o lai chiu loi dang cay.