Dam Vinh Hung – Lac Mat Em

Dam Vinh Hung is a very emotional cat, and he often screams on top of his lung to express his melodramas. After four consecutive flops, he finally learned that tempestuous outburst isn’t getting through his listeners’ ears. So he has to try another form of expression.

In his tenth release, Lac Mat Em, he tells his stories instead of yelling out every chance he gets like before. There are six intros in the album, and by the time you get to his second or third long, pointless narrative, you just want to say shut the fuck up and just sing. Unfortunately his vocal cords have damaged. He lost all of his tones and his gruffness is no longer pretty but more like pity. Whenever he enunciates a word with an “s” resonance, he tears away my tweeters. Comparing his new remake of “Noi Nho” to the one he recorded on his debut, you can hear all that rambunctious screaming has taken a toll on his voice.

Despite all the edginess has gone, Lac Mat Em is not as bad as his last four records. His breath control has improved and he has turned his shouting level down a notch, but I have to beg Mr. Dam not to attempt to croon the blues. With his oddball delivery and spurious scat, his bluesy rendition of “Ngay Khong Ten” is a deep sacrilegious. If he wants to sing the blues, at least gets his chops down first.