Notes on PBN’s Talent Show

People still are furious when David Meng won the People Choice despite he scored the lowest points from the judges. David was a very charming guy. That bright, baby face looked so harmless that you could trust him around your daughter. Furthermore, David was very clever in his song choice. Ninety-five percent of the lyrics in Kasim Hoang Vu’s “Xin Loi Em” were “Xin loi em.” Even though his Vietnamese was not so good, he couldn’t really fuck up on that one. And he was not only apologizing to his lover, but also to his audience if he didn’t enunciate the words correctly. David was not the only one who said sorry and won $10,000. Trinh Lam was doing the same shit with his own “Tai Sao.”

Nhu Loan’s rendition of Trinh Nam Son’s “Ve Day Em” is best I have ever watch. Even when she sings “Va mua dong lanh lung buot gia” without soul and emotion, I still feel the heat. Actually if Nhu Loan and her dancers put on some fucking clothes they wouldn’t be so cold, but keep shaking them booties and showing off them panties, ladies.

Not sure why Tran Thu Ha sang Duong Thieu Tuoc’s “Ngoc Lan” with a big-ass rose adorned on her ear. It seemed like she was not just revealing her voice but her legs as well in a Tran Thu Ha’s Secret wardrobe, but the audience still loved her when she belted out that operatic shit.