New Khanh Ly Web Site

The official Web site of Khanh Ly has been completely revamped, and TTBlue’s comment is right on: “Flash is nice and all, but site navigation is horrible… not to mention it’s annoying as hell with background music (even if it is for a singer).” I am glad to see the criticism is from someone who doesn’t come from a web design background. Using Flash for the sake of Flash is not the best way to design a Web site. One has to consider what he could do with Flash that he couldn’t do with HTML. There are advantages of using Flash, but I don’t see it for Khanh Ly’s site. Like TTBlue, I find the music background to be very annoying, but what worst is that I can’t even turn it off (I clicked on the music symbol on the lower left corner and nothing happened). The texts, especially her journal entries, are very hard to read, which brings me to the visual issue. From the type choice to the gradient to the layout, the design seems to come from someone who knows how to use some Flash instead of a designer.

While we’re on Khanh Ly, here is a classic clip from Quan Van Sai Gon circa 1968 (via HmL).