Two More For Khang

Without Ngoc Anh’s breath issue and Bang Kieu’s feminine falsetto, Nguyen Khang brings depths and soul to Phu Quang’s “Dau Phai Boi Mua Thu” (lyrics by Giang Van) and “Em Oi, Ha Noi Pho” (lyrics by Pham Vu). He is at his best when he sounds effortless. By letting his energy, so essential for the high octaves, and his gorgeous scratch weave in and out of the delightful orchestration, he gives Phu Quang’s ballads a fresh rejuvenation. Mad kudos to the arrangers, too.

Alright, I need to get off Nguyen Khang’s dick. I know, I’ve been mad homo lately. It must be all the gang-bang and balls talk. What can I say? I got some real nutty visitors up in here, but it is understandable since I am pretty deranged myself. As for writing about Nguyen Khang, I just realize that I have been promoting his ass like he had paid me to. So if you see him in concert next time, go ahead and collect my fees.