Sex Rap

Jay-Z’s verse in Angie Martinez’s “Mi Amor” is a bit misogynistic, but you have to give him that dope flow even when he rhymes with his testosterone: “I like fast cars, I love faster chicks / You don’t need a small waist, I take ass and tits / Love chicks that deep throat, love bein’ left alone / on a Sunday afternoon with the remote / Love havin’ my cake plus eatin’ it too / Shit, I got cake what the fuck I’m ‘posed to do?”

Besides rhyming about cokes and crimes, Ghostface, another hip-hop veteran, has his share of sex rap (not rape) too: “Come here, sit on my lap, it’s not a gat, sugar / Have a seat, don’t be afraid to move back / Feel that? You’re a nasty girl / Big butt, slim gut, I’ll crash your world.” It’s all “Good!”

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