Nguyen Khang Vs. Khangy

By now you’re probably sick and tired of hearing his name and his music on this site, but I am still feeling him. The brother cut some dope records. I’ve been hooked on his rendition of Tram Tu Thieng’s “Dem Nho Ve Sai Gon.” Love that dust-life delivery, especially when he phrases, “Ta nhu cau be mo coi / Co vui cuoc song nho nhoi / Co quen ngay thang le loi / De lon, de dem dem nho ve Sai Gon.” He later re-recorded the tune for Van Son 34, but his performance is not as effective because he tries to be too reserved. When he attempts to sing in a serious manner, his flow becomes stiff and rigid. In the former version, his unrestrained flow allows that Khangy flavor to dominate. When he does that the result is both soulful and savory.