Big Pimpin’

I’ve been wondering how the hell is Andy Quach still singing when he has no vocal ability. After watching Andy and Nguyen Thang performed on stage, it is clear that Andy may not be a singer, but knows damn well how to entertain the ladies. Funniest moment is when he grinded his crotch (while the girls slapped their roses) and rolled his gut (oh shit, where’s the six-pack?). A man gotta do what a man gotta do to stay in the showbiz. Keep pimping, dude!

In contrast, my man Nguyen Khang focuses on his singing despite being surrounded by all the Victorias’ angels. He just sits in his chair and lets his voice does the pimping. That’s how a player plays. When you got the voice, you don’t have to strip to seduce. Keep swinging, baby!