Gets Me Every Time

2pac’s “16 on Death Row” has such disturbing storylines that I quiver whenever I listen to it. Pac sure was a crazy motherfucker.

Dear mama, these cops don’t understand me
I turned to a life of crime, cause I came from a broken family
My uncle used to touch me, I never told you that
Scared what you might do, I couldn’t hold you back
I kept it deep inside, I done let it fuel my anger
I’m down for all my homies, no mercy for a stranger…

I shouldn’t let them catch me
Instead of livin’ sad in jail, I could’ve died free and happy
And my cellmate’s raped on the norm
And passed around the dorm, you can hear his asshole gettin’ torn
They made me an animal
Can’t sleep, instead of countin’ sheep, niggaz countin’ cannibals
And that’s how it is in the pen
Turn old and cold, and your soul is your best friend
My mama prayed for me
Tell the Lord to make way for me, prepare any day for me…

They tell me the preacher’s there for me
He’s a crook with a book, that motherfucker never cared for me
He’s only here to be sure
I don’t drop a dime to God ’bout the crimes he’s commitin’ on the poor…