It Won’t Go Away

“Ne Me Quitte Pas (If You Go Away)” ain’t going nowhere. Heard Karrin Allyson’s French version yesterday, a recommendation from TTBlue and heard Patricia Kaas’s English version Nguyen Khang pointed out a couple months ago. Allyson is not so bad, but Kaas seems to sing that song in her sleep. In fact, her whole album, Piano Bar, is perfect for lounging. Her breathy voice combined with her cottony delivery (“Ba… ba… ra… ba… ra…” is what she begins on Pierre Barouh and Francis Lai’s “Un Homme et Une Femme”) makes you want to do nothing but dozing off, like any bad romantic French music would do to you. She sounds as if you go away, she would get some sleep. I am hoping this is not the direction Nguyen Khang is going for.

Bonjour Vietnam