Putting My Camera to Work

The only time I pull out my digital camera is for family photos and foods. I haven’t used it much for anything else so I figure it is time to do something useful with it. I am not interested in photography even though I use many photos in my designs. I have a tendency of looking at designs wherever I go—even to the mall where I find a color of a sweeter I like or the way DKNY uses typography for signage and advertise. I stare at them for a while and try to study them so that I could later incorporate into my work. I must say it takes up too much of my memories even though I am the visual guy. So I figure why not let my camera captured the visual for me. I am not trying to take pretty pictures or anything artistic. I just point and click at something that I could look at later on when I need some inspirations. I started off with typography around various small towns where I live. We took a trip down to NYC yesterday, ate so much food and captured a few photos, particularly the incredible M&M store in Times Square. Man, I love the city. Design is everywhere you look even if you don’t want to look.