Rawness Works

When you have a voice as raw as Nguyen Khang’s, you don’t really need to do much to rework a mega hit like Thai Hung’s “Hay Ve Voi Anh.” You just have to burn the sugarcoating and go straight to the bitterness of it. In the wrong voice these lines,” Tron doi anh luon yeu rieng em / Chi em ma thoi hoi nguoi yeu dau / Xin quay ve day hay ve voi anh,” could turn into cheddar, but that damn rawness makes it convincible. One of Chris Rock’s jokes is that if you come correct, you could get what you want. Can’t be like, “Excuse me…. Excuse me… The man has a request… A man requested… I wonder… Can you lick my balls?” She’ll be like, “Hell no, lick your own balls.” Now you end up with dried balls, but if you come with some bass like Nguyen Khang, you could take your girl back without 99 roses or a rock. Whatever it takes to bring her back without putting a hole in my pocket works for me.

Bonjour Vietnam