Tuan Ngoc Sings Dang Khanh

Tuan Ngoc is a bravura singer, but he isn’t at his best without Duy Cuong behind the board. Duy Cuong simply knows how to take the unfathomable melancholy of Tuan Ngoc’s voice and places into his classical-inspired orchestration. Du Nghin Nam Qua Di validates another sensational collaboration between the two. They have reached into the core of Dang Khanh’s compositions and touched upon the writer’s impulses. So when Tuan Ngoc croons, “Tu ngay ta co nhau / Cuoc tinh gieo noi dau / Mot chieu moi ke trao / Nghe cay la xon xao” in “Yeu Dang Em Xua,” you could feel the inexplicable compassion as well as the power of love.