Something to Remember

Although the snow has melted and the sun has shined, Poughkeepsie is still a place where, “Pho nui cao pho nui day suong / Pho nui cay xanh troi thap that buon,” just like what Pham Duy has described in his lovely “Con Chut Gi De Nho.” Plenty of time I feel like Poughkeepsie is not a place for me. I need to be surrounded by my Vietnamese community so I could have a bowl of Pho, a dish of rice or a loaf of bread whenever I crave for one. What I truly miss are just the simple greetings between the Vietnamese folks. Somehow hearing my own language warms up my heart. Although Poughkeepsie has none of that, “May ma co em doi con de thuong.” When Nguyen Khang pours his heart out on, “Xin cam on thanh pho co em / Xin cam on mot mai toc mem,” I definitely feel that shit. Thanks Khang, I owe you a cig for that.