Kickin’ In VA

Still hanging around Virginia for Vietnamese New Year. Bumped into my boy from Lancaster yesterday at Eden Center. Hommie’s now a frequent drummer at Diamond Night Club. There goes my free admission to the joint. Caught up with him for a bit before heading into Viet Royale for the worst seven-course beef ever. How could such a fancy restaurant fail the simplest dish that requires only fresh beef and vinegar? The beef was as good as McDonald’s patties. Why the rare beef with lime (bo tai chanh) was cooked is beyond me. The suppose-to-be fatty beef (bo mo chay) tasted like American sausage.

Friday, had a chance to meet up with my men HmL and Ducster. These guys are off the hook. With their friendliness and down-to-earth attitude, look them up if you’re in the area. Brother Ducster has all the connections (including free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Vietnamese hoagies) you need. Thanks both for the lunch at Viet Bistro. It’s a nice place to hang out, but I must confess the bun bo hue wasn’t good. The beef was so chewy that I felt like I was eating beef jerky with broth. Maybe I should have tried something else. Still, it was a great pleasure to finally meet my two big brothers, and you know I am going to be down there more often now. So don’t even try to hide from me. Next time we’ll be chilling in Cafe XXX.